Association and Board

BoDThe Amelia Lakes community is organized as a condominium and as such adheres to the Florida Statutes. The owners elect on an annual basis the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors is supported by a day to day property manager. The directors volunteer their time, energy and expertise to the Association, don’t receive any compensation and are bound by the FL Statutes to work in the best interest of the owners. The most important tasks of the Board are to set and define the annual budget and to represent the Association in legal matters. The Board typically meets once a quarter for a meeting of the Board of Directors. Owners are invited to these meetings. The meeting schedule is published in advance. For the 2015/2016 term, the owners elected the following 5 directors to the Board.

  • Derek Ercegovac – Director
  • Frances Gartzke – Director
  • Gene Greiner – Treasurer
  • Todd McDonald – President
  • Nawaz Moin – Secretary

The Association has contracted with PMSI to perform the day to day property management. Andrew Street from PMSI is the Property Manager for the Amelia Lakes Condo Association. He can be reached at 904-225-9070 x 111.

PMSI’s offices are at

463499 State Road 200
Yulee, FL 32041